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Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

What should the region of Uusimaa do to support the competitiveness of SMEs through artificial intelligence?

In the AI-TIE project, we are strengthening the integrity within the topic of AI application in SMEs by creating an innovative ecosystem to enhance the cooperation between the companies and AI experts. This ecosystem brings together people from different areas of expertise with interest in AI to share their knowledge and think about how to build the best conditions for cooperation.

The topic of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in the Uusimaa region, an area where innovations are developed every day within companies, universities and research institutes. Uusimaa can also offer a strong base of knowledge in almost every academic field. Despite of this fact, the needs of companies and companies’ customers are still not met with a perfectly tailored solutions.

That is why the AI-TIE project designed this completely new ecosystem to bring together the key players and companies interested in AI application in business. The aim is to create a better environment for AI development in the Uusimaa region and to increase the competitiveness of SMEs.

The output of our workshop series will be a publication of the team’s ideas about the next steps.

Read more about orchestrating innovation ecosystems (in Finnish):