AI Stories of Finnish SMEs

Finnish SMEs have hundreds of successful artificial intelligence stories to get excited about and learn from. Welcome to learn more about Finnish AI stories, examples and cases. The blogs, articles and video podcasts of AI stories describe the AI journeys of companies that participated in AI-TIE artificial intelligence accelerators. 

AI-TIE organized Finland’s first industry-specific AI accelerators for businesses that operate in the cleantech industry as well as in the health tech, med tech, social services, health care and well-being industries. The AI stories also offer examples from other industries.

Read AI Stories as blogs and articles.

Watch AI Stories as video podcasts and videos made by companies and interviews.

AI Stories as blogs and articles


Video podcasts

(Videos in Finnish with English subtitles)

AI contributes to the mobility evolution

Construction services meet AI

Sales & AI in environmental engineering

Predicting logistics with Artificial Intelligence

Developing AI solutions in SMEs

Making logistics more efficient with AI

Making digital solutions
more agile with AI

Automating purchase invoices with AI

Making manufacturing
more efficient with AI

Measurement refinement using AI

AI as a driver for packaging innovations

AI in environmental management

AI improving maintenance services

 Interviews and videos  made by companies

(Videos in Finnish with English subtitles)

The Future of AI in SMEs in 2030

AI journey of Luona

AI journey of Fysiogeriatria

AI journey of Resmed

AI journey of Evantia

AI journey of Mediq

AI journey of Pharmac

AI in SMEs – Juha Kostamo
Siili Solutions

AI journey of Citrus Solutions

AI journey of SGN Group

AI journey of Capse

AI journey of PTC Services

AI journey of Novago Business Development

AI journey of Myllypuro Property Maintenance

AI journey of Office Innovation Finland

AI journey of PlayGreen Finland

AI journey of Prevett

AI journey of Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)

AI journey of Business Advisors

AI journey of Workpower

AI journey of Medfiles

Companies’ experiences with AI in Southern Finland

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