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AI accelerator for cleantech industry

AI-TIE organized Finland’s first AI accelerator for cleantech (2021-2022). Nineteen SMEs located in Uusimaa region of Finland participated in the Cleantech AI accelerator. All had the goal to expand their AI expertise and to develop internal business processes or innovate new products and services. During the accelerator the participants learned the basics of AI and applied the learnings using planning tools to develop their AI development project. Several of the companies proceeded to the AI Design Sprint phase to plan and implement an MVP (minimum viable product) through a pilot.

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Cleantech — what is it?

Cleantech refers to clean technologies that include products, services and processes that promote the sustainable use of natural resources. The goal, depending on the company’s operations, is to maximise material, water, and energy efficiency by utilizing new technologies. As a result, emissions released into water, air and land are reduced. Cleantech is applied in innovative business models that aim to produce solutions to global climate and resource challenges. Check out companies’ artificial intelligence stories! Our articles, blogs and podcasts relate the artificial intelligence journeys of the companies that participated in the accelerator.

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Companies in cleantech AI accelerator

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LINK Design and Development
Netbaron Solutions
Nordic Waterproofing
Roima Intelligence
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